The universe created itself; to consume itself; to created more of itself;too eat. My love is

flawed. My love was flawed from the start. To love freely, this is my only gift to myself and to you. I cannot desire anything from you that I can’t desire from myself. THAT IS MY LOVE. THAT IS MY LOVE Hear me, and speak from the same breath from you beautiful lips. hush. Hold on to your time and your words for I don’t want to hear them. this is my love and i’m sorry my love. My love is floored. This is my LOVE. THIS IS MY LOVE. and I’m sorry I cannon’t hold it yet, I expect you to weep. I cannot translate it, yet I expect you to perceive. I can not explain it yet I expect you to be here. please don’t hear me. please don’t carry my tears I’m strong (Kinda) My love is a flood MY LOVE IS A FLOOD. My love is not a flood Just A bunch of water I doubt I can hold in my hands therefore I doubt I would be able to give it to you therefor for you to hold it.  Though I can give you my body as long as you hold it with yours.