Something about cows.

April 15, 2015

“if i said it once I will say it again; Being human is fucking strange”

I find it very usual about people who don’t talk about how strange life is. It’s totally weird! I don’t know if it’s just me but being sentient is fucking odd. Everything is just kinda crazy. If you look at humans and ourselves from the perspective on DNA you realise how intricate our human bodies really are. Then you realise what it takes to make those specific bodies from humans like us having sex. That all the humans in the entire world that ever existed; a great deal of them affected the way you are born and what you look like. So pretty much the odds of you being alive as you are and who you are massive! you would probably have more chance winning the lottery the two million times in a row then have that body of yours. All your features not to mention your personality if you aren’t limited to go beyond biology. All the decisions that the human race have made an great deal of them also affected who you are and not only your personality but also the way we live our life. Not to mention just one other thing (thats also slightly important) The fucking universe. Thats when things get too much. I mean every time i think about space I feel like a kid on the playground and some older person just came up to me and said “Hey kid, do you see the sky? well beyond those blue sky where the stars all hang out? Is a fuck ton of space I mean there are other things in space but it’s mostly just space and there is so much of it like more then you can ever think of”.If you were to experience just some of space you would realise how big it actually is.(it’s one of those types of thing you can prepare your mind for until you see or travel it.

It’s just no one really talk about how big the universe is, also most people think it’s completely fine that the universe is just the size of the universe. and that a okay approach to the situation but my god we are flying around in a heap of space and we’re on this planet as a life form just doing what ever the fuck we’re doing some word that kinda like existing but more specific to sentient beings. I don’t know a name for it. There’s is simply just no better word then the silence that follows when thinking of a word to call it. Though that’s just casual knowledge. It feels like that stuff is meant to be common sense or common knowledge and not worth talking about or thinking about. which to me is the strangest part of being sentient


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