More sleep. Less Life.

April 14, 2015

“if i said it once I will say it again; Being human is fucking strange”


“We need a god”. Said the man boy to himself while alone in his room.

He contemplated if he should of said “I need a god”

It didn’t matter what he said really; he was alone in his room.

I,we,us they all mean the same thing to the man boy. They just don’t mean the same thing when other people are involved.

Alone; he was the representative for all human beings.

Alone he was his own god; but the man boy longed for another god to keep him company.

The man boy laid down to contemplate if what he wrote had any truth to it and the effects on being alone

Then suddenly and unbeknown to the man boy; his roommate’s cat emerge from the cupboard





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