loneliness is the cause of all wisdom, wisdom is the cause of all loneliness. Though one great truth will forever remain, we are all lonely . Hello. It’s been quite some time since i have posted anything (i don’t apologize) I have taking a almost great silence. Actually for the last few months I have been getting into the next chapter of my life. I feel like I have made a cocoon. I’m done with slithering around feeling disgusting, unworthy and limited. I want to explore, I want to see life to it’s fullest potential or at least make a effort too. I want to grow metaphoric wings and be free. (Though real wings would be cool) there is no limit for me. Truthfully I am seeking the truth about life. This next part may seem weird but I would like to be enlightenment. I would like to be wise and I would like to have a heck of a lot more self peace. This goal only makes sense to go for. I don’t want to see myself be anything else. From a young age when I first learnt about enlightenment and what it possibilities can lead to; it was always attractive. The idea of being and not wanting money or marital things or to impress people and be just content with what you have to me how is that not appealing? I actually thought everyone in my class (I was around 11) thought the same of it. Though almost everyone didn’t share my idea of what my thought of enlightenment was. I couldn’t learn much about this topic for a very long time but it stayed in me.It may have turned into dried up leaves but all it needed was a spark to catch a lite. Through my teenage years I have been quite distracted with life. Mostly with love.   Love and depression mostly were great to exercise my mind. I guess dealing with things, well for me anyway I kinda grasp the power of the mind and what it had to offer. Through manipulating your thoughts and experimenting my imagination kinda lead me to grow this will. Will to go deeper, to understand, to find peace within myself. All my life has seemed to be a series of lessons. I’m not afraid anymore to accept who I am. I will prevail with my journey to self peace. This blog is going to be a mark my first blog about my path. My next blogs will be all do to do with my journey. So forgive me if you read any of my previous blogs before this one. I was simply a worm.