After you say the title of this blog to anyone you should run away to grab something pointless (like a rock or a small chest) and on your return say “no wait you don’t need this”.

Sometimes I don’t know why I blog anymore. looking at my epic states I get 1 view every 2-3 day,s today I had one view and I’m pretty sure it was me though. I continue to blog I guess. I think maybe I just feel the need to express myself sometimes. I hate the idea of seeking attention or making some stupid Facebook status while in an attempt to express myself for people to like,comment on or just feel sorry for me. Those are the only three options for people when I express myself and my motivation would be to seek attention. Blogging when really the only people who would read these are mostly me or a drunken me or a friend( probably named Jordan) which we would both be drunk seems a bit unusual. Fuck showing people these sober I said to myself as I contemplated putting this on my Facebook sober. Facebook is strange I feel like every time I’m using it I’m trying to find the answer of why I’m using it. Though another reason I blog it seemed to be a trend or an outlet when I  feel life is a bit grim about life.

The past month or so I have been craving a female to hold and pretty much to make jokes with and talk too. I know mainstream thoughts would be “what about the sex” to my answer would be “that too” however I find it easier to control my appetite for sexual activities. I don’t know how to deal with the thirst for a conversation or a hug from a female who I want to converse with and hug. At these moments I just tell my body to shut up and reasure myself that I have heaps of time to find a girl. Though I should do something about it. I met this girl at a bus stop that I…….I don’t know, lets just say every time I’m at the bus stop I just hope she is there. Classic Kyle he meets some girl who he finds a few things he likes and instantly falls for (she asked me about the sun-set) oh bus stop girl.


I like to fantasize about things. It’s one crazy habit I have to the point where I don’t live on earth because I spend most of my time in my own head. I spent a few hours fantasizing about the bus stop girl. The story goes we become friends and she shows me around town because I’m quite new in the city. closer and closer we become and I find out she is actually a full-blooded lesbian (I’m sorry if that term offensive to any lesbians who read this)  I remain friends and we both are in a agreement to help each other find each other a perfect girl though I grow hopelessly in love with her and she doesn’t know.(yeah this could be a sit-com) anyway In the end she gets a girlfriend who catches on and confronts me about the situation. I confess she is the love of my life though I am/just as happy being her friend then being her lover you see for being with a person that you find amazing is worth being around then not being around. I had fun imagining this and I do find this situation quite interesting and also challenging plus a great contrast to what I normally imagine so I went all out. In case you are wondering what I normally fantasize about last night and most likely tonight will be Mech-warriors in the distant future (In a war that ended on earth and I had to be frozen in time and is now in the distant distant future. Tonight will probably be a plot twist to why I had to be frozen in time.

HAHAH I think I might just leave it there and go to sleep/ you know what……..MECH WARRIOR