Welcome. “Insanity it is I say” in my mind however the definition of insanity is a lot more serious then I will ever be. I guess when you can’t function like a normal person you are classified as crazy or strange yet no one can be normal so in fact we are all strange not crazy. Well thats sorta how I like to think about it yet why do I feel so different from everyone else. I have felt quite alone lately not the type where I’m single and I would like some female companion to hang out with and fuck.The type of one where I’m suddenly in realization of the fact that i’m the only one going through all my problems that are only unique to me. I’m the only person in the world going through my life and to top that all off I may be the only one who is actually conscious well more so the fact is that there is just no way to find that answer out.Which kinda relates to me being alone in a way that I may be the only person who thinks like me and you may be the only person who thinks like you. So indeed I just may be alone as myself In this whole universe however I got myself and in a way my “alone-ness” makes me unique and gives me reason to express myself. I mean come on if you are the only person in the universe who think/acts/is you then why wouldn’t you want to express yourself? then again whats the point expressing yourself?I guess to feed my¬†insecurities maybe for fame? Money? love? sex? to be¬†appreciated? none of that shit matters when/if you gain self peace why would it matter? if you really are the only you and you are fine with it you really don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Though how do you know that you are you?