The Unforgivable Riddle and How we Calculated The Value Of Money.

November 22, 2012

The cycle of life will always continue. It will never end; for if it exists now it will later.

well its certainly been a while. I haven’t missed you. Well maybe I kinda have missed you. Today I found myself mowing my nana’s lawn again. Four years and still no job. So on to other news you may not know. I dropped out of uni and other then that things are still about the same. I’m still with my girlfriend yeah I know its been like a year. Though lately I feel myself drifting away from reality. I can’t find much in life that is “important” or hold real value. I want more to this, I want to be satisfied with this whole life thing. The way we live today in 2012 makes no sense. People work their whole lives for what? If you ask me we are still surviving like we were all those years ago. Instead of fighting dinosaurs we are just fighting ourself nay we have evolved from fighting each other and now we just compete. Who has the better shit! Thats what this life is (at 2012) WHO HAS THE BETTER SHIT! now me just me i ask is this really all life is? me trying to be better then everyone else. I can say I seek some sorta enlightenment and want things in life others can’t even think of because they are……well just never really thought about it. But is this my own way of making myself better then other people. If I did reach enlightenment would that mean I would be better then everyone I went to high school with? Would it mean i’m better then the rich and famous?..would my family look up to me and be all like “I wanna be just like him he did good”? Yes it may just be my loop hole to happiness. I have a better understanding of life aka I got the better shit. It just makes me one of them. To want/have enlightenment YOU have to want it for the right reasons and I can honestly admit that deep down I just fucking want it to be better then everyone else. Knowledge is the true power but understating and knowing how to use it thats enlightenment. SO WHAT life goes on and it always will; earth or the next planet though one thing always remains the same. There is always a bigger picture. peace out war in goodbye and untill next time.


One Response to “The Unforgivable Riddle and How we Calculated The Value Of Money.”

  1. KeeAREvee said

    Kmass I know a lot has happened and there’s a lot people don’t know about you. That you don’t even know about yourself. But you need to focus on the love cage has for you and towards you because in the end that is all anyone can ask for. Your lucky, very lucky to have accomplished what you have so far and I have no doubt you will do many more great things in your life. All you need to do is believe in yourself and let her help you, talk to her and communicate – make it work. And get a job.

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