Rather Depressing. Descending into all that is dark so that I can be lifted(or dropped)

June 19, 2012

The meaning of life; part 1, life itself

More then once in your lifetime you will question life itself. Its important to what exactly lead you to ask this question in the first place to understand the deep dark reality of the answer many have tried to answer. In my experience whenever I started to question “life” I would always be in a dark place of my life. By dark I really just mean not as bright as it would be. Never have a started to ask about my existence while having a good time. I don’t know what the whole reason is to why we are here. Though I doubt anyway one will but we can at least look at the facts. On the grand scale of the universe we are less then a speck of dust that exists for less then a micro millisecond. In other words compared to the universe you don’t mean shit. Tom Cruse don’t mean shit and the pyramid  of Egypt don’t mean shit. Actually our whole solar system and all that we know doesn’t mean anything. WHAT!? IT MUST MEAN SOMETHING!? You don’t understand. The universe is old as fuck and earth is still a fucking baby and will probably die as a baby compared to the UNIVERSE. Mother nature at her finest……always wins. this is probably;y why your god doesn’t give a fuck about you and also why he/she won’t give you the winning numbers in the lottery or the power of flight or just super powers in general. WHAT I’m trying to say is compared to the universe you don’t mean shit.

The meaning of life; part 2, the connection

I’m not saying your life doesn’t mean anything. To you to me “life” means EVERYTHING. to live to survive is our fundamental instinctual idea of life. Though in today’s world (2012) to most people is having a “good life” or the society standard of a good life. Most people who arn’t having a “good life” seem to be more on the suicidal side of things. So we have this sorta connection between suicidal death and questioning the existence. I know I could be wrong but I would like to think people who commit suicide at least think about it before hand and question “life”.Do you know of anyway one who had committed suicide who was in a great stage of their life? NO of course not.

The meaning of life; part 3,The answer

So in the dark times of our lives or when we are down and hanging our with the miserable monster we will ask ourself and question our very own existance. Now what about when we are having a good time? The question that you will recurring ask yourself in life when you are having a good time is in fact the answer to the meaning of life. Their isn’t a question we simply enjoy! 


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