Page 82, Enter the Arachnid feelings, Exit the Snake, Pass through time(again).

October 21, 2011

Stand for all you have, fall for all you want……..this is truly what you need 


Oh hey GUYS and GRILS( Girls) Its been a while. Almost too long. I really have to pick up my blogging. Otherwise the world just might end. Didnt you know? My Blogs hold the internet in place! If I don’t blog the internet will fall and THEN WHAT WILL WE DO. Everyone just might start to believe in Jesus again. Sorry if you actually do believe in Jesus I really mean it. I feel sorry for you. I didnt want to start my blog about Jesus/religion but It really has crossed my mind. The whole religion thing is something more to believe in. “it’s really Hope” yeah it may not be true but why wouldnt you want some sort of hope? or purpose? Religion really gives you that. Without hope you will be left in a dark place. That “giving up” feeling only exists  when there is no hope. If I ever have twins It would be quite cool to name them “Hope” and “faith” but they would probably get the shit payed out of them. Though I think I do enjoy the good old metaphor a bit too much.


Back to blogging. Yes, its that time again where I express my feelings and my life. So what’s been going on? Well recently I took some pills well a pill I’m pretty sure it was some sort of anti-depressant but all I know it was for insomnia and anxiety. SO IM NOT SURE IF PILLS MADE FOR INSOMNIA AND ANXIETY ARE ANTI-DEPRESSANT. Also you really shouldnt be taking pills unless your doctors tell you too! well you may take Panadol and shit or those antihistamines. Okay;you know what I mean! I felt strange. Different. My sleep was really deep but more interestingly was my dreams. They were so well coloured and remember-able.  Though total crazy shit like most of my dreams so nothing new. Though I do remember the colours;they were bright. I feel like that was a harsh way to end a sentence. MORE NEWS.

I am Officially(even on Facebook) in a relationship. She is amazing 🙂 I’m quite proud of myself for actually getting such a awesome girlfriend! I need a medal! well it would be cool to have a medal though I wouldn’t wear it out. It would be put in a place where I would be looking for something infront of someone and that someone would see it( a bit confusing wording? I KNOW GOD DAMN IT) Anyway that someone would see it and be all like “whats that?” (looking at the medal) and I would be like “oh this old thing?”. Oh side tracked a bit. Her name is Caitlyn. She is wonderful. I really didn’t know I was capable of dating such a awesome person. Its hard to find someone with such great humour. Awesome taste in music and art. Though the best thing about her is that she is real. She doesn’t hide who she is. She just be’s herself, she isn’t fake. Oh I could maybe go on and on and sound like one of those fucking 13 year girl with their fucking new boyfriend who they are so fucking  in love with. Maybe for another time. 


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