One thing I can’t stand and never have been able too, is when you make a plan with some one and they cancel out moments before the “plan” is about to begin.  Its one of the most worst feelings in the world. The feeling is incredibly bad. Just plain BAD. It’s just so sudden too! I think that’s the worst part of it. You can be looking forward to something for how ever long and as soon as you get close enough to grasp, to feel,to hold it vanishes just like that. So a lesson; try not to make a plan you can’t follow through on if you want Kyle to stay sain.

So I recently been to the sunshine coast to visit my Bubu and my aunty (Bubu is PNG for Nan) I feel alkward when I refer to my Bubu as my nan I REALLY DO! Its like calling your mum by her name it JUST DOSEN”T FEEL RIGHT! The Sunshine coast is a place that I hardly miss. It’s so wrapped up in its fucking pop culture I HATE IT! Anyway A note to self: When you see a red hair person with a epic beard talk to them for they bring extream good luck. Last time I talked to one i got offered work experience at channel 7 news. WHO WOULD OF KNOW PEOPLE WITH NO SOULS COULD BRING SUCH GOOD LUCK. Oh my nan is fine and my aunty is doing great. I realised its been almost 5 years since I been To my Bubu’s house. Its strange because It doesn’t feel like that long.

So lately I been reliving well sorta of reliving a non single life I guess. Yeah I been S.M.A.C.E-ing  (which stands for sorta maybe almost seeing eacother). It’s strange. Its crazy how emotions for some one can develop rapidly not matter how much you try not to let them. I never been real good at the whole relationship thing it seems I’m always the one to get the worst end of the stick at the end of the day. Always heartbroken in the end. You would think after a while you would develop some sort of tolerance for this. I mean have a heart of steal that just didn’t care as much. Though not me, I’m such a little bitch. I always thought I’m like that because I really don’t hate much so I’m just full of love. I need to hate more things( well people.) Though I wouldn’t even know how too. The people I could only start to hate are the ones I loved.