Wake up; you got the blues

July 26, 2011

Lately I’ve been wishing I had one desire.


Hey everyone, I know, I know I haven’t blogged in a while. I have been meaning too. Sometimes I get drunk and really want to WORDPRESS some shit out then I realise i’m at some sort of party and I have to entertain. I always have to entertain sometimes I feel like a clown not many people would know how upsetting my life is. I know Its not anything to complain about “it’s life;its meant to be fucked up” Though I really do hide away all the bullshit in my life like its some sort of special power. Every once in a while it does takes its toll. I’m not saying I’m he only one like this, i do know plenty of people who do the same though aren’t as entertaining/full on with their friends. So lets talk about my life! IT”S BEEN A WHILE or a whale. It’s been a whale a killer WHALE. Orcas (aka as the Killer whale) are in danger because of human contamination of their waters. Recent studies have found that they are among the most contaminated marine mammals.

Life is what it should be at the moment. BALANCED! Following a terrible stroke of bad luck I found my days are getting better and better. I also Found out that Bright Eyes is coming To Brisbane!!!!  I can hardly explain how excited I am to see them live! The best way to put it is. After I see them live I will have the ability if a choose to do so commit suicide. Though thats just today,I think we should BACK TRACK A BIT!  I went to Gladstone for my holidays. It was really a last miniute thing. Raymond (my bestie) said he would be coming to Brisbane. When I found out his sexy ass wasent coming to Brisbane I was not going to let him get away from me that easily! So the next day I left for Gladstone and ended up missing my train. SHUT UP IT WAS A SMALL MISTAKE! turns out I can’t read time tables. I saw Raymond in the end. Though I didnt talk/ spend as much time as I wanted too I still saw him. Gladstone is what I really needed. I didnt realise how much I needed to get away from fucking Goodna/all the bullshit down here! On my days off here I sit on Facebook,listen to music and do NOTHING! Facebook is so draining. I hate being on it all of the time! I need more things to do. I know my life can be better, why don’t I make it better instead of making it worst!! whats with all these exclamation MARKS!!! ARHHHHHHHHHHH. Well I need to talk to you guys later about some Important things! so untill then be safe xxox


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