Just open your eyes,And realize, the way it’s always been.

July 1, 2011

you made my head ache. You were that great but now you’re gone and life is wonderful.

Oh Mr Kyle you have gone way too far this time. I must admit; you did know this was going to happen. What an adventure though. 

Hey guys, whats been up? oh yeah that’s right you can’t reply 😦 I guess I will tell you about me then?

Life at the moment is so chilled. I’ve been doing nothing but listening to bright eyes and playing League of Legends. Well other things but I have really just been doing nothing. Finally there is peace in my mind and its beautiful. I began dreaming a lot. Just about random things. I’m afraid I wont have so much peace in my mind. The fact is shit is about to go down. It has too!  I mean peace doesn’t last forever something has to disrupt it. Though I am prepared. OH I started making Youtube videos again. Hopefully I don’t give up on making them.

So I have some important stuff to Blog about. Lately I been trying not to get my heart all warped up in something they may hurt it. It’s not easy. Though it is possible, it just comes with a cost. (As everything does) I have a strong belief that at a certain point feelings can’t be changed on demand or with any reason. Feelings are just jerks like that! Though they can be manipulated. Deceiving yourself is a way to do so. Though it can make you go insane. Mixed emotions are terrible! Well to me they are unbearable. I really can’t stand it. Its like there is splits sides of me and mixed emotion invokes a constant argument/battle with myself. I fight with yourself you can never really win. Even if you do win you are still losing. There is no worst or better end of the stick you just suck so don’t fight yourself. The reality is though I would rather suck then get my heart hurt again. I think most people would just suck.

Though I decided to follow my feelings. In the hope they will lead somewhere awesome. I mean no matter where they lead me, I’m sure It won’t be that bad.


Shaco. Everything about him ❤



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