Update Vol:1

June 8, 2011

Run or fly via a giant peach.

If you get cold you will just have to hack it,cause I will be cold too if i gave you my jacket 


Hey I know I haven’t  blogged in a while. Though I will have you know I have been working on something special and every time i go to Blog I get caught up trying to make this “special thing” Anyway I just thought I needed to update my blogs because of a sudden stroke of events. Strokes doesn’t really woke as much as i want it too but you get the point. Well I am happy to annouce that im no longer non-employed “I haz le Job. Its the CENSUS job. I hand out census forms and later on I pick them up. Its kinda lame thats why i say I’m the census man of Justice of  some of  Goodna. Pretty cool hey?

Life at the moment has been quite disturbing I don’t know what bad things/good things i did to diverse the current events but so be them! It’s not like i have any control over fate. Yeah fate I’m talking about you! You lame lame lame ax-mos! I mentioned in my last blog that i have met someone. I guess You probably want to know about this someone? Well i shall have you know that it didnt really work out as i planned. Though it was expected to not turn out for the best or the worst. What I’m trying to say it JUST DIDNT WORK OUT! GOSH WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!? Girls are confusing anyway so Im not really in a posistion to actually say that it didnt work out. Anyway It dosent really bother me as much as I would like it too. I’m now not afraid of being alone which in itself is scary. So many things to be scared of these days.

Another important thing I would like to blog about is well soup? No not soup I’m just stalling for effect/suspense. I talked to my ex :O for the first time since…..end of 2009 and I mean the end. The last day of 2009 was the last time we have spoken,was the last time i heard her voice or her laugh. Today that changed. Like a needle from the doctor I was terrified of but It really wasn’t that bad and good for me…..I guess. I’m not sure if you can trust doctors but its not worth the risk not trusting them.

I think I think way too much for my own good. I mean thinking about things too much takes out the fun of things. Although it can put the fun in things sometimes but I think WAY WAY WAY too much. I really am not having a good time in my life dew to the overdose of thinking. Well I am having fun just as not as much as I could be. Thinking is god but in moderation 😀 I know I have to get into the right state of thinking before I act rather then Thinking too much or just acting without thinking.

Other things over the pass time of non-blogging that are worth mentioning  ARE

  • I learnt you can to dot points :O
  • the word ment is actually spelt meant
  • Star signs are a lie and a half.
  • UNI is great
  • I have fucking awesome friends
  • The new MORTAL KOMBAT IS BUCK AS BRO (or is it buk?)
  • Girls are confusing (or is it guys are just naturally confused people?)
  • brackets come in handy.
  • Txting or texting is pretty great
  • Being content is horrible
Well I’m glad.

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