Is a dream girl some one you constantly dream about?

Yo whats up mother fucker. Its sunday today,which means tomorrow is monday and the next day will probably be Tuesday. Yesturday was saturday. So whats new in the life of kyle? oh oh oh……nothing. Life still the same, dull problematic, over analyzing, league of legends, alcohol, smoking and more analyzing ft deconstruction and intense cups of soup! because real people who analyze dont need bowls just cups Hell, we eat subway out of cups. Other fanta-stick news, “Emotions FTL”…..nuff said jelly head.


Life sucks. Just when at least something goes right for once something HAS to go bad. I have the aching feeling that I just can’t win,That im just not ment to be happy at all. Who is happy theses days anyway? certainly not those people in japan or in other countries. I wonder how much of the population on earth is actually happy. Oh wells life would be boring if i had it my way,I sorta like this dull train of thought/reclusive lifestyle that I’m in. Oh and those terrible feelings that I sometimes get which make me able to sleep for hours on end. I love dreaming “a nightmare is still a dream“. So what have I been up to in the last few…….months. Doing anything to feel the slightest bit human. I miss the whole caring about someone so much you get nervous, now days I just don’t care about people as much as I did. doesnt really bother me I sorta like it. I’m back at uni,It is in fact less dull than last year however there is one particular person I don’t enjoy seeing at uni. I sorta like not enjoying to see someone I’m not too enthused about.I think I actually get excited about not wanting to see this certain person when I see them. I don’t get to see people I don’t like seeing and the feeling is quite haunting. Other stuff I been doing…..well I’m a radio star,i do a radio show with two lovely friends of mine at my uni. It’s really fun,it’s really fun.

I'm always with you, even when your playing tha harp when the moons out.