You can’t close your eyes forever. When you open your eyes could you also open your hand?

January 31, 2011

Herro. I’M MAKING A VIDEO TODAY!!! Its really just me being normal around the house and everyday challenges LIFE decided to throw at me. So yeah hopefully it will hep my  journey to getting YouTube famous one day 🙂 I been listening to allot of Vampire Weekend lately. They are so lovely and can put you to a real cheerful mood when your feeling dull. OH HOT DAMN LOOK at my…


I’m getting allot of money pretty soon YAY I have been planning what to do with it….its so exciting haha. First thing is Bright eye’s new album comming out in 14 days :):) I want to get a new piecing to change my look. I want something different and out there. I was looking around at the piecing shop and found one that I don’t see allot of people have its called a vertical labret. Google it bitches! but its smack bam straight in the middle of your bottom lip. I think its pretty cool 🙂 Its raining today how fantastic.


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