See these tears falling from my face? They aren’t falling because of you but thats simply why they fall

January 21, 2011

Smile as hard a you want.


Why hello people. Its almost been a year since my first post 🙂 which is tottaly awesome because that in fact means that time is going forward. YAY for time going the right way….i guess. The last year i been ranting about how I should make my life better and who knows what the fuck else. I realized that to be happy you have to be sad. So I spent a whole year doing fuck nothing and making my life so dull! Training my emotions to be stronger and more resistant I purposely fuck up everything….relationships….jobs and who know what else. This year I’m going to change all that. Its time oh it’s time . To finally crack open this what ever i created around me and FLY!


Talking about flying I have quit doing drugs 🙂 I felt it was the best thing to do. Escaping reality is a bad excuse to abuse your body. You need your body for STUFF! like swimming and using forks! this year I will be attempting to become Youtube famous L.o.L ummmm


well i guess its time for me to use my wings!

Boat hat man! just chillin!


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