In Space You Can’t Make Any Sounds. Then Space I Will Give You.

January 11, 2011



Yeah,so there is thing crazy flash flood going on in Brisbane/Ipswich/ QLD. Its okay my fans I’m quite alright and will be for some time.


So about the floods, my theory is that this wasn’t unpredictable. We can fore cast storms,cyclones,traffic and who knows what else but Australia could not predict these floods? are you fucking serious? North Qld was the first to get hit right? and the run off from there started to create this “wall of water”. Its only Logical that water must go somewhere! as a child you would of know this if you ever played with water. I remember as a child playing at a beach and it had a fresh water stream that lead into the deep blue. I Tried to block the water with sand however the water politely went into the holes I dug from around my sand wall and into the sea.

Water will make its own path. Call it stubborn but It will just show you that its determined.

Ipswich only had less then a day notice before cautions took place? This is 2011 not 1974! Did no one see this so called wall? “unpredictable” “Rapid”  are words they used to describe these floods. “It just happen so fast” as I overheard a distressed person say. This flood was predicted a while ago,I have no evidence of it being predictable, but how could it not be? And if it wasn’t then why,then why the fuck wasn’t it? What the hell was the government doing?  People,children have died!

As I was watching Anna Bligh talk she had tears forming in her eyes. Why? Do you think she cares about QLD that much; then think to your self would you cry about customers at your work if they where unhappy. You would only cry for a lose of life,that could have been avoided. I know that its not my place to say and assume these things. I have not lived the life of such importance and responsibility and I assure you that the government had its reasons for doing what they do no matter what.

What if these flood had a higher purpose? If this was a attempt to move the nation forward in the long run? So far I have only come up with two ideas why the government decided to literary “let this slide” Maybe this is our last chance to fill our damns before a massive drought. Explains why they only started to let the flood gates open only when they where full! Or maybe It was a Attempt to change a vote or some shit. I’m sure a majority of votes will change to make a damn or some sort of water saving/flood preventing scheme.

These are just my thoughts! I may not be right so you shouldn’t believe me 😀 laterz peeps



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