With a farther that can’t see past his own nose(knows)

December 9, 2010

you better count your change before you walk outside your door.

Whow my glod! hello peeps. the hardest part to blogging is the start. I mean really! before you start talking shit you need a intro to it. Thats why being drunk is a good way to get to know people. Drunk introductions are the shizz and you know its the shizz because it works. You arnt scared or have soical complications as much when you are drunk. No. I;m not drunk at 7 0′ clock this morning.

Sadly I have not done anything i wanted to do these holidays besides go to Gladstone and see my main man RAYMOND! quitting smoking has been quite difficult. Stop doing weed is just stupid,I mean you have so many amazing times and think of crazy things its just not funny but it is quite funny….hahahah. Yes its bad for your health and most people find it filth so you have to do it out of a clean bong or have a Jay? SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP

I got kicked out of home for  a bit because of my dad. Well I had a fight with my Dad the other day and got kicked out of home “Get the fuck out of the house and don’t come back” Everything is all good now. It had got me thinking that my farther is so simple minded. he cannot see out of the box. I really wish he could see what is going on in my life, I wish i could tell him but I find it so hard. Mormons came to my house the other day, they told me there ways and all that jazz. I find religion something for weak people to believe in. But it could be only the strong people believe in it. To have faith makes you a strong person.

To my knowledge  god shouldn’t be the only one to Judge me/judge me at all.  The Mormons believe that God is the only one that can Judge you because he has been through/suffered everything you have been through. Then really It will only be you judging yourself. Thats why I have chosen not to become a mormon.

Play for today is to make a video about Mormons play some LOL and apply for some jobs. Chuck in a little workout 🙂 


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