The Lie. The Truth and the old man waiting for his nails to grow.

October 26, 2010

WHY hello hello. It has been a while since my last post. Well the time where i talked about something rather than upload a photo of my friend and some lyrics I found. So my life since then has been on a familiar roller coaster of heart ache and pain featuring a lot of alcohol and a substance people call weed. Also cigarettes! I took up smoking holy fuck a lot has happed. Just letting you guys know that it was my last cigarette yesterday and it was at the first place i ever had a cigarette and i said to myself “It started here, It shall end here” so hopefully I give up 🙂 So what has also happened in the past few months….. I had a very brief relationship with a girl,keeping in contact with all my friends, finished halo reach, and probably 5 billion others things.

So im 19 now! from two days ago! which means i have only one year left to be awesome and cool until i have to actually HAVE to take my life more seriously! Oh I would tell you what I did get for my birthday though a bottle of Jim beam from my brother(left over from his birthday because he hates Jim beam) and a little device thing in a leather case from a friends dad, its sorta like a pocket knife. Thats it.  but at least I didn’t get dumped! which is always a bonus I guess. I just feel like shit because it feels like no one really cared about me. I can point my finger and tell people what they didn’t do good enough and everything but it all comes down to me. I should of planned it out better. Anyways something came up,someone is trying to subliminal message me so I pretty much subliminal messaged them back to go fuck themselves. which I wouldn’t even say and i feel quite bad. I had to do it just to MAKE them leave me alone. anyway im off take care


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