Concept #1

July 24, 2010


OH G.O.D Its almost 3 in the morning. I just had a very strange day, which involved wood chopping,awkward phone calls,airport car parks,GPS fail,Interesting people,bathtubs+ fire and eating.

Strange stuff has been going on in the life of Kyle. First really strange thing I noticed is that I put a lovely bright eyes song on my Facebook,well the lyrics. I can relate to it quite epicly. Out of every song I could f chosen this song just happens to be the one I can relate to the most. Well I guess if you put a song on your profile somewhere down the track you are going to relate to it, However the reason I put it on my Facebook is somewhat odd as I remember. I didn’t relate to this song at all when I put it in my little Facebook notes thingo. I published it on because I just love the concept of it and also how Mr Oberst sings it. It made me think,Just maybe If i put a different song on there maybe in a few months time I could relate to it somewhere down the track. Like a %100 chance of it happening. That would be so awesome.

Anyway back to the topic. I was watching some doco on planets and shizz, what took my interest was when the narrator said “coldness is just the absent of heat (or strange)” which is pretty logical. But how about when you say sadness is the absents of joy? The more fun and enjoyment you have in your life the  chance of depression ans sorrow is increased. With saying this my depression is only there because I was happy. come to think about it

Concept #1  = Life is not about being happy, it’s about trying to enjoy all the bitter negative bullshit you invoked.If you can enjoy the worst of your life you will be happy.

Well I know you can’t really enjoy feeling like shit. But just get it out of your head that life is about happiness for a few minutes and start to think about this. If you go out and just “have fun” I bet one day you will come back and realised what you have created was not fun but a life time of problems. Happiness has a price. I’m not saying become a recluse and just blog shit for the rest of your life but simply understand there is a negative side of having fun.

I also notice it has been a huge teenage trend for us kiddis to blame fate and not ourselves. “everything happens for a reason” is a phrase that should be deleted from your mind. I do believe in fate but I honestly I do know if you keep blaming fate for your problems then you will never learn from you mistakes. “Regret is really important”. I tried for ages(using this saying) “forget don’t regret” but I soon realised that all we can do is remember and regret. If you don’t regret anything you WILL come back to the same problem that you said you don’t regret.  I think deep inside we will always regret something. You will always say I could have done this better,or different. Say if you fail your maths test you because you where playing COD all night and didn’t study, you might feel regret. So next time you have a maths test you will study ONLY because you regretted in the first place. Then when only when you past your test you can stop regretting because if you didn’t regret you would have failed again, yo know what I mean. Regret doesn’t stick with you for the rest of your life but it can if you let it. that should be my concept #2

Concept #2 Regret doesn’t stick with you for the rest of your life but it can if you let it.

that’s enough for tonight kiddos lhaterz and shit


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