“Awkwardly Happy”

July 2, 2010

why Hello, Todays episode of WordPress is brought to you by COFFEE. I developed this hatred for normal coffee and I been drinking the decaf shizzzzzzz. Its been a few months since I have had the real stuff and wow I do feel the hit. How did I develope a hatred for coffee? well it just makes me more paranoid which leads to anxiety. It’s really not good for me. BUT ITS A GREAT MOTOVATOR!!! I feel  like doing everything I ever wanted YAYAYAYAYAYY. wow its only one:32 Pm. GUESS qhT what*. I think I talked about the three bad things that can happen this year in one of my other blogs. AND GUESS WHAT! I am 100% sure none of them are going to happen. My farther doesnt have cancer, My parents have stopped fighting because of the cancer scare thingo(funny how things work out) and MY BESTI is not going to the airforce YAY. So im guessing you want to know whats been going on in my life? well I have myself a new video camera and im thinking of podcasting on you tube. ALSO one amazing thing, I have my P’s which means I can drive places like to a water melon farm or places that you drive to. I have stopped drinking. lol jokes, I’m only going to drink a responsible amount. So no more laying in the grass vomiting my guts out while everyone is eating birthday cake.


#1 Get buff

#2 get a job (wow I been waiting to get one for a while, I find it difficult)

#3 just make videos

#4 keep my friends

#5 get $620 for a storm trooper outfit

I’m going to Gladstone very soon….ish. to see MR Raymond(L) um I have my septum done! bad things about the septum is. When it gets cold the metal thing gets cold as well. WHITCH MEANS MORE COOSE COOSE WILL COME OUT OF YOUR NOSE.(coose coose=PNG for snot)Um it hurts when you bump it or pull it. Boogers do get stuck on it. and there is much more problems.

The worst sort of people in the world,are the sort of people who can’t accept there the worst sort of people.-Kyle massey


Oh I had some counselling yesterday, It was quite moving. apparently im depressed. She asked what is your mood? and i replied “well…….(pause)…… Awkwardly Happy”

I havent updated my Facebook status in a while, I decided that if I didn’t mention any of the good stuff that goes on in my life I wont mention the bad stuff =working


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