Michael Le

July 29, 2010


Concept #1

July 24, 2010


OH G.O.D Its almost 3 in the morning. I just had a very strange day, which involved wood chopping,awkward phone calls,airport car parks,GPS fail,Interesting people,bathtubs+ fire and eating.

Strange stuff has been going on in the life of Kyle. First really strange thing I noticed is that I put a lovely bright eyes song on my Facebook,well the lyrics. I can relate to it quite epicly. Out of every song I could f chosen this song just happens to be the one I can relate to the most. Well I guess if you put a song on your profile somewhere down the track you are going to relate to it, However the reason I put it on my Facebook is somewhat odd as I remember. I didn’t relate to this song at all when I put it in my little Facebook notes thingo. I published it on because I just love the concept of it and also how Mr Oberst sings it. It made me think,Just maybe If i put a different song on there maybe in a few months time I could relate to it somewhere down the track. Like a %100 chance of it happening. That would be so awesome.

Anyway back to the topic. I was watching some doco on planets and shizz, what took my interest was when the narrator said “coldness is just the absent of heat (or strange)” which is pretty logical. But how about when you say sadness is the absents of joy? The more fun and enjoyment you have in your life the  chance of depression ans sorrow is increased. With saying this my depression is only there because I was happy. come to think about it

Concept #1  = Life is not about being happy, it’s about trying to enjoy all the bitter negative bullshit you invoked.If you can enjoy the worst of your life you will be happy.

Well I know you can’t really enjoy feeling like shit. But just get it out of your head that life is about happiness for a few minutes and start to think about this. If you go out and just “have fun” I bet one day you will come back and realised what you have created was not fun but a life time of problems. Happiness has a price. I’m not saying become a recluse and just blog shit for the rest of your life but simply understand there is a negative side of having fun.

I also notice it has been a huge teenage trend for us kiddis to blame fate and not ourselves. “everything happens for a reason” is a phrase that should be deleted from your mind. I do believe in fate but I honestly I do know if you keep blaming fate for your problems then you will never learn from you mistakes. “Regret is really important”. I tried for ages(using this saying) “forget don’t regret” but I soon realised that all we can do is remember and regret. If you don’t regret anything you WILL come back to the same problem that you said you don’t regret.  I think deep inside we will always regret something. You will always say I could have done this better,or different. Say if you fail your maths test you because you where playing COD all night and didn’t study, you might feel regret. So next time you have a maths test you will study ONLY because you regretted in the first place. Then when only when you past your test you can stop regretting because if you didn’t regret you would have failed again, yo know what I mean. Regret doesn’t stick with you for the rest of your life but it can if you let it. that should be my concept #2

Concept #2 Regret doesn’t stick with you for the rest of your life but it can if you let it.

that’s enough for tonight kiddos lhaterz and shit

Tumble Dry.

July 7, 2010

Okay I did the most stupidest thing the other day. I brough new wrangeler jeans,they are super nice $140 though 😦 Anyways they where hanging on the line wet, And I really wanted to wear them for the second time in my life :D:D So I put them in the dryer. BUT before I did I read the tag because i didnt want to wreck them. I looked and it said DON’T dry clean fair enough but putting it in the dryer isn’t dry-cleaning because if it was i wouldn’t of have to Dry clean my awesome Fcuk jacket that I own SO I’M IN THE CLEAR . Then it says DON’T tumble dry. My immediate thought was people holding clothing and tumbling down a Nice green hill in the sun. So i chucked them in the dryer, lucky I got them out after giving tumble drying more thought. As I put them on I thought to myself why its shorter,I wouldn’t buy pants this short. FUCKKKKK way to ruin $140 pair of jeans 😛

In other news,My septum thing is now black 😀 I shall upload a photo(later) ANDS I’m leaving for Gladstone tomorrow YAY well today!!!!!! Oh more feel the wrath of LYRICS  but before I do i must mention I love my vest!!

Well I wish I had a parachute
Cause I’m falling bad for you
I can see the ground approaching now
But I’m not sure what to do
I feel like the pinata
Won’t you take a swing at me
If you could just crack the shell open
I think inside you would find something sweet

So right now I’m pretty scared,because one thing in my life is way too good to be true(love interest) I feel like I’m going to some how fuck it up 😦 and I really don’t want to but GAHHH GARHHH* anyway I’m leaving for Gladstone tomorrow and thank god I don’t have to take my car:) lucky I found a few friends that are interested in going (not Hayden):( So I was watching the most popular Australian on you tube who happens to be a Asian girl who is quite funny! Anyway she does public presentation things or something to that effect. After I presented A oral to a grade 8 class in year 12 From that point onward I wanted to be one of those motivational speakers. I had so much fun doing it and the year 8 classed loved me. They also now know that pollution kills cute turtles 😀

that’s gone and i know that it won’t ever come back
i accept i won’t cling to what i had in the past
but life’s a slippery slope, regret’s the steepest hill
hope for the best, plan for the worst and maybe wind up somewhere
in the middle

“Awkwardly Happy”

July 2, 2010

why Hello, Todays episode of WordPress is brought to you by COFFEE. I developed this hatred for normal coffee and I been drinking the decaf shizzzzzzz. Its been a few months since I have had the real stuff and wow I do feel the hit. How did I develope a hatred for coffee? well it just makes me more paranoid which leads to anxiety. It’s really not good for me. BUT ITS A GREAT MOTOVATOR!!! I feel  like doing everything I ever wanted YAYAYAYAYAYY. wow its only one:32 Pm. GUESS qhT what*. I think I talked about the three bad things that can happen this year in one of my other blogs. AND GUESS WHAT! I am 100% sure none of them are going to happen. My farther doesnt have cancer, My parents have stopped fighting because of the cancer scare thingo(funny how things work out) and MY BESTI is not going to the airforce YAY. So im guessing you want to know whats been going on in my life? well I have myself a new video camera and im thinking of podcasting on you tube. ALSO one amazing thing, I have my P’s which means I can drive places like to a water melon farm or places that you drive to. I have stopped drinking. lol jokes, I’m only going to drink a responsible amount. So no more laying in the grass vomiting my guts out while everyone is eating birthday cake.


#1 Get buff

#2 get a job (wow I been waiting to get one for a while, I find it difficult)

#3 just make videos

#4 keep my friends

#5 get $620 for a storm trooper outfit

I’m going to Gladstone very soon….ish. to see MR Raymond(L) um I have my septum done! bad things about the septum is. When it gets cold the metal thing gets cold as well. WHITCH MEANS MORE COOSE COOSE WILL COME OUT OF YOUR NOSE.(coose coose=PNG for snot)Um it hurts when you bump it or pull it. Boogers do get stuck on it. and there is much more problems.

The worst sort of people in the world,are the sort of people who can’t accept there the worst sort of people.-Kyle massey


Oh I had some counselling yesterday, It was quite moving. apparently im depressed. She asked what is your mood? and i replied “well…….(pause)…… Awkwardly Happy”

I havent updated my Facebook status in a while, I decided that if I didn’t mention any of the good stuff that goes on in my life I wont mention the bad stuff =working