haligh, haligh, a lie, haligh

June 15, 2010

You make me wonder,you make me question the past,ask about the future and forget the present. What shall I do with you?

Your going to have to watch this, If you already have seen it for some strange reason, then I guess your here.

This was my favourite song for ages. I really loved it. I never really knew what the english lyrics where but I know that “Buloy” was a actually person who committed suicide. The band was good friends with him. One of my favourite parts was when he is holding up a piece of paper that says “MORLOCK” If you don’t know what a morlcok is,then watch the movie “time machine” OR keep reading, I’m gonna explain it to ya Kyle style. ALRIGHTY THEN. You have your Humans yeah? Well for some unknown reason humans Dig underground and just chill. Yeah they are just chillin underground in their cave-ees. If you have humans chilling underground for a long time chances are they are gonna evolve creating a Morlock. Its sorta what we as humans do at some stage, go reclusive and come out the other end as something new. I guess that’s what they where singing about in the song. CHECK THIS SHIT OUT

 WOW THATS BIG(I dont eat sea food)
I totts found the secret to being a good friend, or just being liked. If you want people to like you here are two things that would HELP OUT HEAPS. First one,just be excited to see everyone. It makes a big difference.The second one is use more words(talk more) For example when I brough alchole the other night and showed the guy my ID card, He said “thanks Kyle”. One word does make a difference. Just make more effort to use more words. Talking,talking,questions and everything helps but dont be too nose-eeeeeee,but don’t be to less. Everyone just wants to QQ there problems to everyone and if your there to listen they will appreciate it so much. 
I’m not looking at porn miss Sharna!

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