To my house from here is a 10 minute walk, or a 15 minute run.

June 13, 2010





they say it’s better to bury your sadness
in a graveyard or garden that waits for the spring to
awake from it’s sleep and burst into green.


  Well I’ve cried, and you’d think I’d be better for it
but the sadness just sleeps and it stays in my spine
for the rest of my life.

And I’ve learned and you’d think I’d be something more now
but it just goes to show it is not what you know
it is what you were thinking at the time.    

I’m going to say I have a slipt Split personality. It’s really only because I act certain ways for different people,which most of us do, I don’t talk to my parents like I do with my besties. actually I tell my besties I love them more than my family. However there is a side of me that I don’t like people to see, and when they do see this side, They get shocked. So if it doesn’t satisfy you that I don’t have a split personality well screw you. I’m going to get one so stfu. It’s really hard to to know what “yourself” is, personality wise. I thought really hard on this,and maybe im just all the good parts of my friends put together,like I stole their personality(the best part) and created “Kyle” Or maybe they all just grab some of my personality? It’s uber funny at Uni I have discovered something that blew my mind. When you sit next to a random and your both nervous,and you both want to be friends but have really no idea. Okay I’m sitting next to this guy I never really met before I tried to start a conversation with him but all he did was order his bloody mary LOL JOKES Um well there I am sitting next to this dude and I look at him and realised that He is sitting in the same position that I am, Like my hands and feet. So I sat back and relaxed on a my chair about 20 seconds later he would move into the same positionThat I was in. So next week I’m in a different class and I sat next to this other dude that sorta intimidated me and I found out that I was copying the way he was sitting:S       

Anyway about my clothing style Im going to buy.    










 I also want surf clothes and like one of those beanies with a hat part thing like so. ( oh I tried to get a photo of the surf clothes but I cant find any  







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