EAT MY LYRICS(well not really my lyrics,but just some I would like to express)

I wanna be the surgeon that cuts you open,
That fixes all of life’s mistakes
I wanna be the house that you were raised in
The only place that you feel safe

I wanna be a shower in the morning
That wakes you up and makes you clean
I know I’m just the weather against your window
As you sleep through a winter’s dream

Hello,hello. Let me start of by saying that I may suffer from paranoia well at least a slight case of it. In other news I got introuble by police for the first time in my life. I thought I was FUCKED, however lies can get you out of stuff. I didnt lie to the cops but my friend did. We also told the truth to them. I guess you want to know what happened? well it all started out as a normal day with a crazy idea. “I want to get a pericing but I’m afraid it will hurt,so let’s get drunk and do it”. Drunk in the middle of the day didnt sound like a bad idea. We met heaps of interesting people and almost set up a lantern peraid thing. Oh I was with my good friend steve, who has a lot of experience with the cops. We got some alchole and got drunk in a park which had a sign that clearly says “DONT DRINK ALCHOLE” but i swear to god that it said dont feed the wild life or something to that effect because I didnt read it. Well I must add that steve was underage and i Just brought him alchole in a place where your not aloud to drink. Well we are walking across the road when a bus driver beeps at me so good old steve gives him the bird(the finger)((if you didnt know))(((because I didn’t))) THE cops saw him and i thought i was in the wrong because I jade walked so I started to freak. Cops thought I was on some drugs but I was just nervous and edgy also tipsy. Anyway they just got our details and told us to go home. Thats not the end of the story but I can’t be bothered telling you the rest.

I want to talk about other stuff. LIKE HOW IM FEELING. I just got $1500 from centerlink and shizz. You would think I would be quite happy because I had no money what so ever for a long time. Money would solve most of my problems. It weird I have it “now what?” My body must hate that feeling. “Now what” The chase can’t last forever.


You make me wonder,you make me question the past,ask about the future and forget the present. What shall I do with you?

Your going to have to watch this, If you already have seen it for some strange reason, then I guess your here.

This was my favourite song for ages. I really loved it. I never really knew what the english lyrics where but I know that “Buloy” was a actually person who committed suicide. The band was good friends with him. One of my favourite parts was when he is holding up a piece of paper that says “MORLOCK” If you don’t know what a morlcok is,then watch the movie “time machine” OR keep reading, I’m gonna explain it to ya Kyle style. ALRIGHTY THEN. You have your Humans yeah? Well for some unknown reason humans Dig underground and just chill. Yeah they are just chillin underground in their cave-ees. If you have humans chilling underground for a long time chances are they are gonna evolve creating a Morlock. Its sorta what we as humans do at some stage, go reclusive and come out the other end as something new. I guess that’s what they where singing about in the song. CHECK THIS SHIT OUT

 WOW THATS BIG(I dont eat sea food)
I totts found the secret to being a good friend, or just being liked. If you want people to like you here are two things that would HELP OUT HEAPS. First one,just be excited to see everyone. It makes a big difference.The second one is use more words(talk more) For example when I brough alchole the other night and showed the guy my ID card, He said “thanks Kyle”. One word does make a difference. Just make more effort to use more words. Talking,talking,questions and everything helps but dont be too nose-eeeeeee,but don’t be to less. Everyone just wants to QQ there problems to everyone and if your there to listen they will appreciate it so much. 
I’m not looking at porn miss Sharna!




they say it’s better to bury your sadness
in a graveyard or garden that waits for the spring to
awake from it’s sleep and burst into green.


  Well I’ve cried, and you’d think I’d be better for it
but the sadness just sleeps and it stays in my spine
for the rest of my life.

And I’ve learned and you’d think I’d be something more now
but it just goes to show it is not what you know
it is what you were thinking at the time.    

I’m going to say I have a slipt Split personality. It’s really only because I act certain ways for different people,which most of us do, I don’t talk to my parents like I do with my besties. actually I tell my besties I love them more than my family. However there is a side of me that I don’t like people to see, and when they do see this side, They get shocked. So if it doesn’t satisfy you that I don’t have a split personality well screw you. I’m going to get one so stfu. It’s really hard to to know what “yourself” is, personality wise. I thought really hard on this,and maybe im just all the good parts of my friends put together,like I stole their personality(the best part) and created “Kyle” Or maybe they all just grab some of my personality? It’s uber funny at Uni I have discovered something that blew my mind. When you sit next to a random and your both nervous,and you both want to be friends but have really no idea. Okay I’m sitting next to this guy I never really met before I tried to start a conversation with him but all he did was order his bloody mary LOL JOKES Um well there I am sitting next to this dude and I look at him and realised that He is sitting in the same position that I am, Like my hands and feet. So I sat back and relaxed on a my chair about 20 seconds later he would move into the same positionThat I was in. So next week I’m in a different class and I sat next to this other dude that sorta intimidated me and I found out that I was copying the way he was sitting:S       

Anyway about my clothing style Im going to buy.    










 I also want surf clothes and like one of those beanies with a hat part thing like so. ( oh I tried to get a photo of the surf clothes but I cant find any  






Lyrics Que Motion Kgo.

 I got ice in my veins, blood in my eyes
Hate in my heart, love in my mind
I seen nights full of pain, days of the same
You keep the sunshine, save me the rain
I search but never find, hurt but never cry
I work and forever try, but I’m cursed, so never mind
And it’s worse, but better times seem further and beyond
The top gets higher the more that I climb
The spot gets smaller, and I get bigger-Lil wayne.

Adventure  is something I crave most. Its something I get a kick out of, nothing is better then venturing into the unknown and not knowing how you will get out or what could possibly happen on the way. It’s proberly not the best to put yourself in those situation but that’s what makes it fun. Talking about fun, pictionary is probably the coolest game out. Well mix that with cheep wine and you got a amazing time. As life goes on bigger problems come out and fly kick you in the face and while you’re falling to the ground they will put a soft cushion right underneath you,then you think “This can’t be that bad” untill you soon realise that the cushion if filled with thumb tacks! I was informed that my farther MAY have cancer. Which is pretty bad news, not something that would a son would want to hear. Another thing I don’t like my parents talking about is their marriage crises. If the three worst things to happen this year what I’m looking at is #1 My farther getting cancer #2 parents break up #Hayden(best friend) moves away to joins the airforce. If all these thing shappen lol shall happen* I guess I’m going to turn into a big emo! I mean im gonna start being really weird,like holy fuck. I’m already testing out how im going to act. I’m also looking at a whole new clothing range. Well I’m thinking to get like 4 tottaly different styles and just wearing them randomly when I go out.

GAH. I have a whole assignment to do tonight. I have to write a 12 min short film script that can be filmed at my UNI. So basically i have to make a script of something happening at UNI. I have like a billion ideas however they are not really what I should write a assignment about. I want something with meaning or maybe I just want a new version of 1969 BATMAN. To be honest I don’t even know how to write a script like a layout and shizz. I have to google it.

OH well I guess I mentioned all the bad stuff that could happen this year,i should at least say the three good things that can happen from now on. #1 my dad not getting cancer #2 family stays as a family #3 Haydy bear stays with me:)

One day

Funny that. Things in my life got fantastic, like amazingly good. However my old depressive symptoms came back to haunt me,begging the question,was I even happy at all? I found it painfully hard to sleep in the last week,I lost my apatite for reasons unknown. So I purposely made everything bad, and what do you know, I’m fucking hungry. I also noticed that I didn’t dream as much when I was “happy”. I’m guessing these are my symptoms I get when my feelings change dramatically. I think im gonna called it my “what the fuck” mode.

I been reading a lot about love and heart-break. It’s really all just chemicals in the brain. I found it fascinating that the same chemical that gets you addicted to drugs is the same one that makes you fall in “love”. Cool huh. I find it hilarious, I went over this girls house and had a wonderful time. The way I felt with her was simply amazing. I’m guessing a shit load of that addictive chemical got released. However I spent too much time analyzing the situation and observing my feelings that I think she started to feel different about me. It really was like being addictive to weed or something. I wanted some and I knew where to get it. The thought of falling made me upset/not angry. I decided to test this chemical. I also read that this certain chemical gets realised when you do feel good things. Its realised to tell you that “this feels good” like for the psycho maniac killing someone would release this chemical also know as dopamine. It’s really not just this chemical that causes all the trouble it’s what it mixes with. Anyway I really wanted to talk to this girl because i just wanted t be with her so fucking bad. However I got my dopamine from something else thinking it will cure this “urge”. It tottaly worked.

“If I can’t control my feelings the only conclusion is to manipulate them” –Kyle Massey