You Can’t Turn Milk Into Cheese

May 31, 2010

Well, summer’s gonna come.
It’s gonna cloud our eyes again.
No need to focus when there’s
Nothing that’s worth seeing.

Well, winter’s gonna end,
I’m gonna clean these veins again.
So close to dying that I finally can start living

I Really like the bold part. the Lyrics are from another bright eyes song. actually im going to make it my Facebook status. If you have been reading my blogs i have mentioned something about a resurrection, i predicted that it would come around the 13th of may, However nothing happened on that day besides failing my P’s test again and spending time with uncle Rodney. I REALLY believed that my life would just start working out. I think a week after that day I started to do shit that I shouldnt, I gave up on everything. Takeing anything chance that would just make me feel that bit better. Drinking anything that would make me forget anything. “Fuck Life, Fuck everything” It’s so hard to belive so hard to chew that i let myself become like that. Anyone who knew me would not guess for a second that I would do half the shit I been doing. I was so over life, I felt like giving up,pulling up my white flag,admitting I was too weak to win. Then it came. Oh it came.

The day that I longed for,my “resurrection” It was so damn beautiful. I almost cried,It was so good. Everything in my life is really how I want it to be. Things are no longer looking up, They are up. I’m fucking Shinning! I feel a glow that I believed couldnt never come back. My face lights up the darkest of thoughts when I smile. A huge weight has been lifted of my back, while holding it I became so strong, now im free, now im faster,stronger,smarter and just better in everyday then I was before. I have been given so much good luck in the past few days. I’m so grateful. It’s finally over. or has it just began?


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