201 days later.

May 11, 2010


So its like 12:24 AM and im pretty bored. Today I recovered from my weekend, sleeping all day(Y). I never really had so much weird dreams. I get really messed up dreams during the day. I actually had two in class,YES i fell asleep in class. No more drinking on UNI nights. ONTO other news  I brought these amazing pants/jeans, they aint denim but they look like it, like you can’t tell unless you feel them. I wore them for the first time and they are so comfy! a bit too much if you know what i mean. I was just sitting there and suddenly feel something awkward in my pants :S. ONTO MORE interesting news. I made a cake out of cupcake mix! do you still call it a cake? or a “cupcake cake”? I need to do some assignments, but word pressing is 67812 % more fun! So I decided I am going to apply for jobs really soon. I just havent recently because of certain events to take place. I think everything is clear to come out of my shell. I’m 84% sure they are. Well things are great I have to admit.

It’s just the fact they could be better just creates this dramatic dull feeling across my body. But hey that’s life,it always could have been better. I have always said “forget don’t regret” I soon to realise its impossible to forget and almost impossible to not regret. I have an EPIC memory I doubt its going to forget anything anytime soon. Things are looking up,they been doing that for a while now. I am thinking of winning the lotto, I decided that just make my life pretty awesome. If I did i would totally update my Facebook status and buy an amazing/sexy car and drive to mexico or something. I find it a fun thing to think about.  I don’t know really what to talk about,im completely out of shit to press onto a word form.


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