Fight Fate with Fate.

May 6, 2010

It’s not really hard for me to conjure up a plan. Just having the motivation to do it(i use the word “motivation” a lot in my blogs) Today it really started to get on my nerves of how pathetic and ridiculous I have been acting for the past few months. I dislike how my life style is at the moment. The way I have been living hasnt really bothered me much up untill now. I really want  to change my drastic retarded crap eating life style but not as much to make me do something about it. Its only gotten to a stage where im blogging or talking about it. First one of my biggest problems is having no money at all. Which makes my second problem super saoin! I mean if I was rich my problems wouldn’t be so HUMUNGO,or on fire. like people look at other peoples life and say “man, That guy has some problems” then they look at mine “Hey that guy has some problems,and they are on FIRE. OH MY GOD”. My problems have problems.i may be exaggerating a bit but that’s just what humans do when they are upset at life and think their life is pretty dull So one simple solution is to apply my self to get a job.



Put out the fire and carry on but that water will create a river so make sure you are ready to build a bridge……toll free because everyone likes toll free bridges.


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