Some Harsh Looking Colour

April 27, 2010

I have really been thinking lately about something I learnt in class, also on miss Abby Hayes word press. I don’t know what it’s really called but im going to find out. All I know it was created by a man named rene (something that starts with the letter D). Solipsism it has been named (took me like 6 mins to find it) Solipsism is a philosophy or it could be a theory. It’s the belief that only your mind/thought are the only things that truly exists. Kind of hard to get your head around? well okay im a break it down for ya,Dont make me break it down for nothing. So you have 5 senses touch,smell,hearing,taste and vision. All 5 senses are used to discover facts. If we touch fire we know its hot. If we see some one touch fire and gets hurt we know not to touch it. The thing is the 5 senses can be fooled. Someone can create a fake looking fire or some one could act like it hurt. People can tell you lies,tell you the fire does not hurt at all. Rene last name that starts with the letter D decided to take this a step further. What if all actual sense was lieing to us. He eventually came to a conclusion that THOUGHT was the only possible thing that can’t be fooled “thought, therefore I am“. I thought about it a lot it starts to make sence. Everything as we know it could just be my imagination.Like a dream. If you think about it, this world is fixed. OMG MENTAL BLOCK.

(1hr later)I hope you understand what I mean about this world is fixed. To explain it better,if you never existed what do you think the world would be like? If you take just one person out the world would be different. Think of it as every is given a number,The number represents what age they die at. If some how we added up all the numbers and just take one persons given number, the total amount would be differnt.I’m just saying one does person have an impact to this world. So the only real things we have control over is what number we can have,and also that of what others can have. IF YOU GET WHAT IM SAYING. With this information you’re the only person that can change peoples numbers and your own numbers.The only person that can change the world is you. see how I mean its fixed?So whats solipsism got to do with the world being fixed? Well boys and girls you’re the only one in control, your thoughts,your mind are the only known thoughts.Their is no FACT that other people can control themself like you do. If everything is fixed and you’re the only one that can change things, It is possible that solipsism is real……sort of,I have decided im pretty bad at explaining things about philosophy,so don’t expect anymore blogs about this.


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