Fading Away

April 25, 2010

It’s now monday,1:10AM I just got home from a random maccas run.I havent had maccas in a long time,I can’t even remember how long ago since I eatan maccas. To be honest I’m actually starting to forget stuff. I’m constantly asking people on my msn who they are.I actually forgot what side of the wall the toilet light was on.I found myself very intoxicated on friday night,To a point where I can’t even remember a whole hour and a half of my night. Some times I just can’t handle my alcohol. That was the first time I have actually gotten that drunk and didnt do it on purpose. I had a very “emotional” confession to some of my close friends.I also said I was lucifer at one stage,APPARENTLY!.

Fight For What you Believe in.

On saturday night I could be located at a very soicalisable party however not extremely socialbe.I like meeting new people however I don’t like it as much when im drunk.It certenly makes it less awkward and weird but it’s just not as fun I guess. I’m getting less and less self conscious about myself,which is great. I want to make heaps of friends,so every time I go out their will be a %100 chance i will meet some one a know.Hear them say “HEY KYLE”. Today i woke up at like 5:32PM and for some reason i had the urge to try on my Rock Lee costume(for those of you that don’t know who rock lee is your simply missing out on life)((my idol))AND I still fit into my costume.I would of got it about two years ago,and it was really tight when i first got it because I didn’t give them the right measurements. How was I spoze to know the length between the shoulders is different on your back then your chest? I actully wore it to maccas lol. I got yelled at by two cars. Oh you guys gotta hear about my ridiculous love life.

I think I’m cursed.No joke. Every single time I find a girl,and know that we will go on a date or something without fail another girl comes along. Like I have no opportunities at all then in the time span of two days I have like three. It’s not the first time too. One time I had  6 girls. no joke. I just find it completely stupid how I put myself in these situations. So I fixed up centerlink hopefully I get paid,then I will find a job(Y) I’m working on my friendships at the moment,Their is only one friend I have to see,MR Trieu. He lives the closest to me,and I hardly ever get to see him. I have given up one special friendship,I really wish things could be different but it’s just growing up. Fixing my life, one problem at a time.


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