“I’m sorry Princess,but I cant give in”

April 21, 2010

“Are we Human or are we Dancers?”

I forgot to mention in one of my blogs,The one where I talked about dreaming. Sometimes when I dream,in the same place as a previous dream months or years before. I have no idea how I can remember but I’m 100.29% sure some of my dreams are in the same setting.Its pretty funny because I’m literally in my dream going “I have been here before”.I’m not normally doing the same things though.

I’m having trouble moving in any direction with my life (besides down). I don’t feel like going forward,But I don’t want to go backwards.I’m just sick of fighting for everything, I really just want to sleep forever:)I’m trying to just move forward in a more constructive mannor.For some reason I just stay put.Maybe I’m just lazy,most of my problems are so simple to solve. Just a little bit of effort. Today I spent most of my day sleeping,playing cod and I watched “the waterboy”. OH gotta go to the dentist tomorrow,oh how I fucking dread that evil Dentist(like most sane people). I still close my eyes when they put needles and shit in my mouth. I can’t believe how tolerant they are; always saying “wider” or ” open your mouth back up”.I mean really,I hate constantly telling people stuff. Telling them “Don’t touch my electric rhino” and then they touch it 10 seconds later.I been looking for new music on youtube.How I did it was picking my favour genre and typing it in and then i would pick a number and go to that page number and look for something interesting on that page.I FOUND THIS


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