April 16, 2010

I got a hair cut a few days ago. I really dislike getting my hair cut,because I know that I will hate it. I became a bit better at showing the hair dresser that I actually fucking love my stupid shit hair cut. It’s ridiculous how they can say exactly what you want,and give you exactly what you don’t want.So anyway I guess im lucky, I have this skill to make the best of things. This gives me the ability to make my shit hair cut “the shit”.

I went for a run a few days ago aswell, and I just happened to learn a life lesson (Y). It goes something like this “concentrate more on what is closer to you,that way you run into less spider webs” Yeah I took a short cut in the bush,ran into about 7 spider webs,and in each one I ran into I did this crazy cool dance/fit. It sorta looks like a person who has 600 spiders on him or her trying to get them all of in like 3 seconds. I’m so glad no one was watching. So with my life lesson If have decided not to dwell on the future as much as I do.


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