Same Voodoo

April 3, 2010

Its 5:43 am,I have had maybe a half an hour sleep. All because I been a naughty boy. I have started to indulge myself in cigarettes,which I somewhat like.YES I smoke now,and I want to smoke more.ANYWAY back to why I had so little sleep.My Asthma getting into the colder seasons plays up a lot with the addition of cigarettes probably not the best idea.  I ALWAYS HAVE MY ASTHMA PUFFER WITH ME.I can’t stand not being around it anymore. however once a blue moon the life saving device runs out.Last night happened to run out while i was at Hayden’s house.I really thought i was going to die. Normally you can wait off an asthma attack ,well I can. For 4 hoursIi was just concentrating on one thing “Breathing” But every breath was daunting,I developed some sort of lung pain.The pain grew stronger and so did my idea of death,It’s really that easy to die.It can happen. I woke up Hayden at 4:45 and begged him to drive me the fuck home. I raced into the house after waking up the fam bam and ran for an asthma puffer that works.I have decided to stop smoking,I don’t understand why i started in the first place. I told myself i would never take a cigarette in my life.Hiporcite.

I realised I havent blogged in a while on this account. Oh well im in UNI now,I guess. I like meeting people/making friends it seems to be something I’m good at. HEY today is easter,too bad chocolate gives me pimples! My life is a bit fail at the moment.LIKE everything seems to break,well be video camera decided to stop working and it must have convinced my computer to do the same as well. Centerlink is still being a jerk head,so im just broke ass all the time. so really my life really sucks however I have such amazing friends it doesn’t really matter. I was thinking if I didn’t have my friends I would probably #1 get some or #2 kill my self because my life defiantly suck balls. I Have decided I don’t really want a relationship untill my resurrection day which is some time next month, my voodoo predicts. It’s a good thought,like some time next month I’m going to be on top of the fucking world,I belive so:).Kites are MAD

You always only looked ahead.
As for me, I looked at you.

I was watching doctor phil the other day.BECAUSE I WAS BORED. it was about cheating on your wife and shit that comes afterwards and working it out blah blah blah.What i noticed was the guy blamed the girl for what he did,saying if you where a better wife I wouldnt cheat on you. which I have to say makes sence.HOWEVER doctor Phil was like “Fuck you” (not really) but he told the wife that there was nothing she could do, He still would have cheated even if she became the best wife she could possibly be.The way docter phil said it was more convincing but the point im trying to make is. People don’t change.No matter how hard i tied in the end I would always take it for granted.As the show went on it became clear.”You can’t change a person” people can only change when they grow and they can only do that by them selves.I guess that’s where the term “Grow up” comes from.


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