As I think about it, the closer we get the further apart we must go… like the moon and the sun

February 24, 2010

One day last year I was walking towards the train station to get to school. I was in a hurry because i spent my getting ready time playing guitar hero. I didn’t want to miss the train.My leg was playing up cause it’s just loves to hurt on me because it’s a fag(It could be homosexual with my other leg?) As I was saying,I was limping towards the train station,I was about 200 meters away.In my boredom and loneliness I talk to God(not so much jesus GOD but like just GOD in general.I said to him “man wouldn’t it be funny if a train came right now”To my expected but not really expected surprise a train came.”asshole” was the next thing I said. Piss bolting while limping sort of looks like a 6-year-old pretending to be on a hourse.Every one looking at me saw my extravagant but embarrassing gallop towards the train.I made the train jumped over the fence and did a spin move while entering the doors of the train so I could immediately sit down facing towards the door. Ironic and cool is my style.


Anyways I went to uni for my first day,I was so scared,but it wasn’t that bad.I was so happy I knew some one in my class and that she went to my school so I didn’t have to be a loner.Even though the girl just happens to be the only person from my school that I never really conversed with.Throughout the four years we had one distinct conversation where I told her my name was bob.The night before my wacky lame adventure to the unknown world of uni I had my Nightmare. This one was different,we have this gate and we all know what sound it makes when you open it.After living at my house for 4 years you could be in the back yard and hear the gate open.It reminds me of penguins,when the mother one comes back and is all like having a unique call to know who the farther is. Well anyway in my dream the gate opened,I tried to get up but i was paralyzed,but I knew it was a dream,I knew it wasn’t real,so I was less scared.what got me thinking was the timing of the dream.Maybe it means something?

Cool and ironic.


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