February 21, 2010

Hello.I’m probarly never ever going to drink Bundy rum again after my weekend.Saturday night was one epic night just like my four other previous saturdays. Drinking is fun,drinking untill you can’t remember your night and vomiting up everything until your just dry reaching is a whole new story. Saturday night was supposed to be when I stopped drinking for a while and concentrate on my life being a bit more constructive. I doubt I will power to make this little fantasy of quitting drinking come true. Some people find drinking way too much just completely stupid and not fun at all. What is the point of vomiting up,making a fool out of your self and not being able to remember? Well because there is no point there is a point in it? I found vomiting quite fun and what other chances do you get to forget 3 hours or less of your life?I find it simply amazing that your body can go on an auto pilot mode. The following morning I woke up on the ground,NO hangover YAY. I actually felt quite good,however it kinda freaked me out.One moment i was walking then the next i wake up on the ground with a blanket over me and a pillow 2 meters away from my head.I dont know why the pillow was 2 meters away from me too.

Auto pilot,what controls me when i’m in this drunken trance?. What inside me is driving?Pure feeling and emotion? Me drunk as fuck but I can’t remember?I was told I urinated all over some ones car,there was also an incident with a girl LMAO. I would never do stuff like that even if i was past tipsy.So you can cross that last one out. Anyway onto my life. It’s seems to be looking up,I guess it always can if you look at it in a certain angle.I start a new life tomorrow,UNI LIFE.I’m so scared.What happens tomorrow determines pretty much the rest of my life. I have a perfectly good reason to be scared! I know it will work out,things just do in my life.So wish me luck.


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