The Guilty Shall Suffer

February 9, 2010

I have officially decided that Guilt is lame! I don’t really feel guilty for anything(I try to convince myself) but nevertheless I still feel like I need to just blog about it.I hate it when even some good things that i do,some times i feel guilty from them,STUPID GULIT. I laugh when people use the word “guilt trip” its sounds retarded and fun,but it’s completely opposite, JUST LIKE SEA’s just some thing you have no control over,well you have all the control but you can’t steer it.Like your a big boat and guilt is at the helm steering you,that was a real bad way to explain that,I shall cross it out and think different more accurate way.It’s just like a pet cat.Im going to give you an idea of guilt and its lameness in PLAY form.Every one meet Steave.

Steave: Hi im steave
Kyle: Steave,sells guns to people,he also likes hot tubs,and has three pet dogs,one has no legs and five arms,hey wait im not a character in this play

Steave:um….yeah you are

Kyle: No im more like God here

Steave: it clearly says kyle

Kyle GOD: No it shouldnt even have anything,im more of a narrator!

Steave: make your fucking mind up!

Kyle GOD Narrator: Fuck you steave you’re gay! go have sex with your dogs you bastard of infernal dick sperm

Steave: how mature. You could hurt someones’s feelings with those words.

Kyle GOD Narrator:Okay I don’t need a name thing just have it blank or use italics. I’m just telling this story in play form GOSH! and I’m sorry for saying those mean things to you.

Steave:hey OMG i sell GUNS

yes you do,you also have a friend named Illarc,Say hi Illarc!

Illarc:sup bitches

Steave: yo cup cake

Illarc:you’re looking good today

well anyway Illarc wants a gun,Steave knows Illarc shouldnt have a gun,but Illarc manipulates Steave

Illarc:Hey Steave,i need a gun.Prefelby the one in your pants,I want to make it shoot 😉

Steave:Here have this gun

NO!!!!!!! Steave man! your ment to be all like I shouldnt,and Illarc cut out the bromance/gay jokes

Steave: okay now I get it.

Illarc: fine. Hey Steave my man,i need a gun for my………um….man things that i do

Steave:I shouldnt man

Illarc:oh why not

Steave: God told me not too

No fuck. Damn you,you smart ass.OKAY Illarc gets a gun off steave,Steave knows he shouldnt have gave him a gun.Ben comes into the play

Ben: Hi GUYS

FUCK UP BEN IM TELLING A STORY! anyway Illarc dose not like ben because he is a dick,and interrupts to many people’s storys,Illarc shoots ben


oh thats it ben

Ben:what are you going to do?

GOD:muhahaha I can do anything you bitch

Ben:oh fuck

Before ben was shot………


Ben was raped fucking hard by Steave’s dogs,he started to enjoy it 20 mins in,untill he got fisted up the ass!! then he was set on fire,he almost died,then he got a phone call that all his family where dead. Ben decided to fight some one,he gets Knocked out first punch,then wakes up with Steave’s dogs,and again raped

So who is in the wrong? ben steave or Illarc?

Illarc cause he killed ben?

Or god for getting pissed off?

but the guilty shall suffer,who do you think feels more guilty?


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