Dreams OMG

February 7, 2010

This year I been having a lot of dreams about kids.More so babies but kid like babies.Ok they look like kids but its a baby,don’t ask why IT WAS A DREAM and we all know how weird dreams are. Wait a second if you where high all the time,would your dreams be normal?BACK TO THE BABIES.This year I might grow a phobia of knocking up a girl,I doubt I would have a fear of sex any time soon though. SO im in a bit of a pickle.This year i might just stay away from slutty girls,but thats just not enough to keep them from staying away from me! DAMN SLUTS! If I had a baby,I would not know what to name it, it’s probably the BIGGEST decision in some life,I just don’t think i have the guts! but if I did it wouldn’t be an average name,it would be some thing cool from dragon ball Z or something,JUST SOMETHING COOL(maybe name them after Mesopotamian deities).So having baby dreams are way better than my night mares which I havent had in a while. Ever since i started sleeping on my stomach its been able to shield me from the horrible twisted anxiety night mares of doom (or HTANMD for short)I have only one anxiety attack in my life thanks to no-doze tablets and energy drinks. It’s a long story,but i woke up home alone thinking my house was actually trying to kill me,It was a mission to walk in my bedroom to get the home phone I left in there.I finally got it and ran outside of my house just to call some one to come pick me up from my house. I can’t really explain how it felt besides pure fear in a feeling that dose not end,ITS JUST THAT FEELING! it doesnt have a reason to be there its just there, you just have it.

Well in my nightmare its starts of exactly where I went to sleep,which can draw you to a conclusion,was it a dream at all?im laying there then suddenly a massive dark feeling comes over me.The feeling of someone’s presents but an evil some one. I look around only with my eyes I see darkness .A figure shaped human but it’s too dark to make out.I try to move my body,but im paralyzed,nothing will budge.I look and its coming closer and closer towards me. The feeling becomes stronger,I can see it but also feel this dark figure.I don’t know if its intentions are bad,i just know I cant escape. The closer it gets to me the more I try to move,the more strain the more i want to run,all i know is that i don’t want to be here.NO matter how much i try i can’t move.I look up and its there. A hand like object reaches out to me, I’m still not able to move.I dont wake up straight away like you see in those movies when people have night mares.I just blank out.Wake up the next morning,thinking was it real?


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