If Humans didnt have to die

February 5, 2010

Yes,what would it be like if humans didn’t have to die of old age?Well in this  blog I’m going to detail a world beyond imagination,a world with less death.Assuming that other courses of death is still relevant in this age,such as lead poising and stab wounds AIDS ect. The time line of life would be normal,until you hit 35 you stay the same HOWEVER the older you get the longer and faster your beard grows and for women,they start to get elbow hair pissing out of their arms at a slow but gentile pace,like the hour hand on a clock moving.So the world is over populated and mass killings happen regularly. Life is taken for granted and people celebrate deaths and get all depressed at birthdays.The world is set in generations not countries.There is always some dick head generation that wants to take over the world! .the 8432nd generation consume blood to stay alive and can’t stay in sunlight or else they would die a happy death unlike generation 8439 who could stay alive in the sunlight however turned to diamonds,Generation 8439 where erased from the face of the earth 27 days after they started,due to the “LEARN WHAT A REAL VAMPIRE IS TWLIGHT WHORE LAW” Established in september 23 1492.

Every one would know the truth about religion and what really happened to Jesus! half of the united generations of america is crips and the other half bloods. Australia really has no clue whats going on.France, every one is fat.In Africa no one is starving cause no one lives there or do they!?(it’s also know as mysterious island) No one watches movies or plays on the computer or has a Facebook status. Every one walks around aimlessly,until they have no reason to live,then they start to walk around with flowers. 150 is the average age to commit suicide,rich people would stay rich and the poor will stay poor. you have all your life to find a good job some where. No one actually likes anyone and sex is only interesting until you make a baby then you’re fucked. Everything is uber chilled, no one worries as much,unless there is some sort of unreal fantasy vampire thing going on. Patience is pretty much key to everything,waiting and being bored are just every day things. So that’s pretty much the sorta life we would have if we didn’t have to die if we didn’t have to die.


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